July 2019

5 Modern Living Trends: Solutions of Every Lifestyle

5 Modern Living Trends: Solutions of Every Lifestyle

Living trend these days is swiftly changing. Real property developer have to quickly respond to this highly dynamic market. To stay on the leading edge these days, they need to focus on the design that corresponds to modern lifestyle and be able to promptly respond to the market’s rapidly changed demands. You may as well notice that the most sought-after real property in the market are the ones that dedicate their energy on the design that responses to modern lifestyles. It must be dynamic enough to catch attention of today’s distinctive population as well as keep the sustainability growth concept. We have 5 interesting modern living trends to share, let’s discover them together:

1. Small Space Living: Making the Most with Less Space

With the growth of urban population, recent developed property usually pressed on a limited space. Designers’ challenge is how to optimize domestic life in small space with built-in furniture, divide space into separated functional areas, simple decorating style, and functional modern decoration.

2. Gender-Neutral Design: Designing with all genders in mind

Gender-Neutral design is becoming more relevant in modern architecture. Designers are striving to create gender inclusive design and make equal work & play space for everyone in the family. All genders can equally enjoy spending time in every living space.

3. Universal Design for Everyone: Accessibility for all

Universal Design intends to create environments that are accommodating the needs and wishes of everyone; especially people with physical limitations such as people with disabilities and elderly.

4. Save the Earth with Green Urban Planning and Sustainable Energy Saving

Numbers of newly developed property strives on creating green and sustainable places by implementing reduce, reuse, recycle energy system; aiming to best utilize the energy. Green Urban Planning is also another concept that has been widely carried out in an attempt to save the earth and create better environment.

5. Live Smart & Make Life Easier with Smart Home & Automation Technology

Home Automation or Smart Home Technology, is the use of technology to automate your home. It allows you to control almost every aspect of your home or condo such as controlling domestic system from the distance, switching on-off your appliances with your voice or touch screen system. The technology can also collect your data to predict your habits and preferences.

There are numbers of real property projects that obviously the leader of the troops by holding all these 5 modern trends. The Circle Sukhumvit 31 and the Circle Sukhumvit 11 by Fragrant Property are examples of compelling condominium projects that employ energy saving concept. The Circle Sukhumvit 31’s natural air system allows better air circulation throughout the property and help save energy. Smart Home technology is utilized both inside each unit and in common areas. Smart Home Technology also eases communication between juristic person and residences. This is truly an ultimate solution of the modern urban lifestyle.