The moment you undertake a leading role,
you have to lead the change
you want to see in the world.

James Duan

CEO, Fragrant Property PLC.

Fragrant Property’s sustainable development goals are the blueprint to achieve a better, healthier and more sustainable future for present communities and future generations. Our vision is to help lead the way for people and businesses to stay a step ahead of environmental changes through innovation and infrastructure solutions and turn the threats of climate change and fast-changing technology into opportunities

Since 2007, James Duan, Chief Executive Officer of Fragrant Property felt a deep responsibility and empowerment to develop sustainable and “green” properties throughout Bangkok, Thailand. After several years carefully studying material and design in property development, it gave him a clear understanding of how technology and the changing natural resource landscape could help enable a better and improved sustainable business model.

Real estate is a sector where improvements in energy efficiency can have a large impact on lowering carbon dioxide emissions. The inception of Circle Living Prototype in 2010 marked the beginning of Fragrant Property’s “energy-saving real estate solutions”.

Under the guidance of James Duan, Fragrant Property has successfully bridged the gap between the company’s mission and the broader needs of society. Operating under uncompromising integrity and ethical conduct, the firm focuses on the health, happiness, and comfort of residents. This has enabled Fragrant Property to find a solution in real estate development that allows residents to live and benefit from a healthier lifestyle and economic opportunity.

Fragrant Property’s efficient building maintains moderate temperatures, low humidity, and increased air quality to help families live and breathe healthily, curb climate change, as well as reducing infrastructure costs and household expenses. Building efficiency provides the most cost-efficient energy and operating costs, while providing a return on investment in the form of energy-cost savings in as quickly as 6 months to 1 year. By investing in them today, cities can yield boundless benefits including economic, social and environmental opportunities well into the future.

At Fragrant Group, we believe that sustainability and social responsibility are a team effort. That’s why we take a collaborative approach to every aspect of our development, from conceptualization and development stage to the daily operations of our properties and the business thriving within them. We strive to engage our residents and clients in our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint and hold ourselves accountable for the social, environmental and economic impact of our profession.”