September 2019

CIRCLE REIN SUKHUMVIT 12: Looking for a nice place to chill and take a sip of coffee or tea in the hood?

CIRCLE REIN SUKHUMVIT 12: Looking for a nice place to chill and take a sip of coffee or tea in the hood?

If you are a coffee lover or love to enjoy weekend brunch, you can’t miss this issue of Fragrant Property e-News. We have a list of notable cafe and restaurants in the Asoke / Sukhumvit 12 neighborhood, especially picked just for you. These 5 places are in a short walking distance from Circle Rein Sukhumvit 12 and Circle S. So let’s take a walk together:

  • Doi soi 12 Cafe and restaurant
    ‘Doi Soi 12’ is just a few minutes’ walk; only 170 meter to be exact, from the Circle Rein Sukhumvit 12. Its intense flavored coffee will wake you up in the morning and keep you energized during the day. At ‘Doi Soi 12’, there are a variety of savoring dishes from Thai cuisine to international recipes and even a vegetarian menu. No wonder why this tiny cafe gets to welcome both Thai and expat customers all day long. What keeps us coming back to this place is not just because of its coffee and yummy food, but also warm welcome from all the staff.

  • The Coffee Galleria
    On the corner of Sukhumvit 12, there is an adorable little Korean-style cafe hiding amid the Korean town plaza. It is an ideal place to take a late morning walk for a good brunch. The menu covers breakfast, salad, tapas, and quick one dish meal. If you are in a press of time, try Korean one dish menu such as BBQ pork on rice (Jaeyook Dubbub), BBQ beef on rice (Bulgogi Dubbub). These yummy dishes will definitely fill you up.

  • Throne of Games Cafe
    Join up with friends to get some brain exercise and enjoy fun time with your friends at this board game cafe - ‘Throne of Games Cafe’ located on the 4th floor of Times Square building. It offers coffee, dessert, and food at reasonable price. You can choose to pay hourly rate or pay only Bt 200 for a whole day to play board games. No worries if you are a board game rookie, the staff will be happy to show you how to play and tell you everything you need to know.

  • Sulbing Korean Dessert cafe
    Just because it is a dessert cafe does not mean that the superstar menu shall be limited to only ‘bingsu’. Sulbing Koran Dessert cafe has a lot more to offer, whether a Purple Sweet Potato Latte or a signature menu such as Sulbing Special Coffee and Wellbeing Smoothies – a health lover’s favorite.

  • Chan & Yupa Tearoom
    Need to spend your leisure time dwelling in nature? You don’t have to travel far. It is unbelievably close. There is a lovely tearoom nestles in a vintage house surrounded by lush garden on Soi Sukhumvit 10. Chan & Yupa Tearoom offers full variety of Thai cuisine – food, dessert, and drink. Its spacious space as well as nice ambience makes this place a favorite for friends and family.

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