December 2018

More than a property agent, but your end-to-end property personal assistant.
Exclusive services from CONNECT: Resale & Rental Services that will make your investment in renting business easier.

One of the crucial factors affecting the decision in purchasing a property or condominium for investment or building a long-term passive income is to be certain that the project receives continuous interests in renting. And how nice would it be if you have an assistant who is more than just a general property agent? Somebody who can assist in providing you with tenants without the owner having to do the advertisement, including taking care of the room and provide convenience to both the owner and the renter in every process.

CONNECT: Resale & Rental Services provides extensive services including:

  • Providing you with tenants from various channels, including conducting the fundamental tenant screening for the owner.
  • Providing the complete and orderly care to your room from prior to the move-in day all the way until the move-out day such as conducting room asset checklist, room condition examination, all without any maintenance hassles on the room owner’s side
  • Offering counsel and assistance to the tenant throughout the rental contract such as solutions for leakage issue, electricity cut-off, and other issues occurred during the residence. Connect Service will be your mediator by coordinating with the related team in order to provide convenience and reduce the anxiety of both the room owner and the tenant in any problematic events.

Coordinating and conducting the follow-ups on the rental bills on behalf of the room owner in the event that the rent is not received as per specified.

CONNECT: Resale & Rental Services is a comprehensive brokerage services combine exclusively for Fragrant Family to assist with resale and buy-to-let after purchase. For more information, please contact 02-652-9919.